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Available Puppies

Pet Nanny

We now have a pet nanny for your convenience! She is happy to deliver puppies for $20/hour.

Potty Training

All puppies leave being litter box trained and using a doggie door!

Luke and Maggie pups born 11/02/2023
They will be ready for their forever home December 28th.





Merry Is Available For Deposit 

Prepare to be enchanted by the irresistible charm of our delightful black tri Toy Australian Shepherd. This precious princess combines the elegance of her black coat with stunning copper and white markings, creating a visual masterpiece that's as captivating as her gentle demeanor. Register-able through ASDR. 

Luke and Melanie pups born 11/10/2023
They will be ready for their forever home January 5th.





Claus Is Available For Deposit 

 This pocket-sized Aussie is more than just a pretty face; he's a burst of joy and love. His tiny butt wags with enthusiasm, and his gentle demeanor melts away any stress. Affectionate and devoted, he thrives on cuddles and is always eager to be by your side, making every moment brighter with his presence. Register-able through ASDR. 

Willie and Dally pups born 02/07/2027
They will be ready for their forever home April 3rd.

FullSizeRen0der 10_edited.jpg




Ozzy Is Available For Deposit 

 As you cradle him close, you feel the warmth of his tiny body radiating trust and dependence. His presence is a reminder of the beauty and fragility of life, and in those fleeting moments, you become the guardian of a small miracle. Your heart swells with love as you watch over this miniature marvel, witnessing the beginning of a bond that will only deepen with time. Register-able through ASDR. 

Lola Is Available For Deposit 

Imagine the tiniest marvel of nature, a newborn toy blue merle female Australian Shepherd, nestled within a soft, warm blanket. Her coat is a breathtaking canvas of blue-gray hues, adorned with swirling patterns of silver, black, and white that create a mesmerizing tapestry reminiscent of a starlit night sky. The delicate markings on her face and paws add a touch of elegance to her already enchanting appearance. Register-able through ASDR. 

Demi Is Available For Deposit 

Her eyes, still closed to the world, hold the promise of future intelligence and charm, giving a glimpse into the captivating personality that is yet to unfold. The softness of her fur, like the finest silk, invites gentle caresses, and as you cradle her in your hands, you can feel the warmth of her tiny, beating heart—a testament to the fragility and beauty of new life. Register-able through ASDR. 

Indie Is Available For Deposit 

In the quiet moments of the day, as she curls up in your hands, you become the guardian of a miniature universe—a world of possibilities and shared adventures. This newborn toy blue merle Australian Shepherd is not just a puppy; she's a living, breathing promise of companionship, loyalty, and the immeasurable joy that comes with nurturing a new life. Register-able through ASDR. 

What our customers are saying

Millie is so sweet. We absolutely love our little girl.


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